U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 104.5 - Products for distribution and sale.

An application for a U.S. Veterinary Biological Product Permit to import a biological product for Distribution and Sale shall be accompanied by supporting material necessary to satisfy the requirements provided in this section.

(a) A permit shall not be issued unless the conditions under which the biological product is to be prepared or the methods to be used are such as to reasonably insure that the product is pure, safe, potent, and efficacious.

(1) Two copies of blueprints of the producing foreign establishment shall be submitted with the application unless satisfactory plans are on file with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service from a previous application. The production facilities to be used for each product prepared at the establishment shall be designated.

(2) The manufacturer shall submit written authorization for properly accredited inspectors to inspect without previous notification, and at such times as may be demanded by the aforesaid inspectors, all parts of the establishment in which biological products shall be prepared, all processes of preparation, and all records relative to such preparation.

(3) The manufacturer shall furnish written assurance that a biological product to be imported for Distribution and Sale shall be prepared under the supervision of a person competent by education and experience to handle all matters pertaining to the preparation of such product and that each biological product shall be prepared in accordance with the regulations applicable to the product or in a manner acceptable to the Administrator so as to carry out the purposes of the Act.

(4) The methods to be used in the preparation of each biological product shall be written into an approved Outline of Production prepared in accordance with the applicable provisions of part 114 of this subchapter. Two copies of such Outlines of Production shall be submitted to Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and be approved before the permit is issued.

(5) Data shall be furnished by the applicant which establishes that the product involved complies with the provisions of the Act and the regulations issued pursuant thereto. When deemed necessary to obtain required information, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service may require that the product be tested under field conditions within or outside the United States as the occasion demands.

(b) The permittee shall furnish the following:

(1) Adequate facilities for storing all imported biological products. An inspection of such facilities shall be made by inspectors before a permit is issued and additional inspections shall be made at any time subsequent to the importation of the biological products if deemed necessary by the Administrator;

(2) Information regarding all claims to be made on labels and advertising matter used in connection with or related to the biological product to be imported;

(3) Mounted copies of final container labels, carton labels, and enclosures to be used with the imported product as provided in part 112 of this subchapter; and

(4) Samples of each serial from each shipment of biological products imported or offered for importation. Such samples shall be collected, examined, and tested in a manner specified by the Administrator. The biological products being sampled shall not be further distributed by the permittee until released by Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0013) [38 FR 32916, Nov. 29, 1973, as amended at 48 FR 57473, Dec. 30, 1983; 49 FR 21044, May 18, 1984; 56 FR 66783, Dec. 26, 1991; 75 FR 20772, Apr. 21, 2010]