U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 130.7 - User fees for import or entry services for live animals at land border ports along the United States-Canada border.

(a) User fees for any service rendered by an APHIS representative for live animals presented for importation into or entry into the United States through a land border port along the United States-Canada border are listed in the following table. The minimum user fee for this service is listed in § 130.30. The person for whom the service is provided and the person requesting the service are jointly and severally liable for payment of these user fees in accordance with §§ 130.50 and 130.51.

Type of live animal Unit User fee
Apr. 29, 2009-Sept. 30, 2009 Oct. 1, 2009-Sept. 30, 2010 Oct. 1, 2010-Sept. 30, 2011 Oct. 1, 2011-Sept. 30, 2012 Beginning
Oct. 1, 2012
Animals being imported into the United States: Breeding animals (Grade animals, except horses):
Sheep and goatsPer head$0.75$0.75$0.75$1.00$1.00
SwinePer head1.
All othersPer head4.754.755.005.255.25
Feeder animals:
Cattle (not including calves)Per head2.252.252.502.502.50
Sheep and calvesPer head0.750.751.001.001.00
SwinePer head0.500.500.500.500.50
Horses (including registered horses) other than slaughter and in-transitPer head41.0042.0043.0045.0046.00
Poultry (including eggs), imported for any purposePer load71.0073.0075.0077.0080.00
Registered animals, all types (except horses)Per head8.508.759.259.509.75
Slaughter animals, all types (except poultry)Per load35.0036.0037.0039.0040.00
Animals transiting 1 the United States:
CattlePer head2.252.252.502.502.50
Sheep and goatsPer head0.500.500.500.500.50
SwinePer head0.500.500.500.500.50
Horses and all other animalsPer head9.7510.0010.0010.0011.00

1 The user fee in this section will be charged for in-transit authorizations at the port where the authorization services are performed. For additional services provided by APHIS, at any port, the hourly user fee in § 130.30 will apply.

(b) If a service must be conducted on a Sunday or holiday or at any other time outside the normal tour of duty of the employee, then reimbursable overtime, as provided for in part 97 of this chapter, must be paid for each service, in addition to the user fee listed in this section.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control numbers 0579-0055 and 0579-0094) [65 FR 52007, Aug. 28, 2000, as amended at 67 FR 48524, July 25, 2002; 68 FR 51884, Aug. 29, 2003; 72 FR 70766, Dec. 13, 2007; 74 FR 14003, Mar. 30, 2009]