U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Nov 30, 2023

§ 161.5 - Program certifications.

A program certification recognized by the Administrator may be granted to an accredited veterinarian in Category II upon completion of an additional orientation or training program approved by APHIS that focuses on the specific area for which the veterinarian is seeking program certification. Veterinarians accredited under Category I are not eligible to earn program certifications. Accredited veterinarians may elect to participate in a program certification on a voluntary basis. Participants in these program certifications will be qualified in a particular area or specialty. In addition to Category II training, qualification for a program certification will include additional specialized training, which may include periodic training updates. For certain program certifications, the cost of orientation or training may be borne by the accredited veterinarian. An accredited veterinarian granted a program certification will be referred to as a qualified accredited veterinarian or QAV. A QAV will be authorized to perform those accredited duties related to the program certification he or she has earned; accredited veterinarians not granted program certifications will not be permitted to perform accredited duties related to that particular program certification. If a QAV allows his or her Category II accreditation to expire, the QAV's program certification expires as well, and the QAV must be qualified for the program certification again in accordance with this section.

[74 FR 65012, Dec. 9, 2009]