U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 314.10 - Livers condemned because of parasitic infestation and for other causes; conditions for disposal for purposes other than human food.

(a) Livers condemned on account of hydatid cysts shall be disposed of by tanking pursuant to the provisions of § 314.1 of this subchapter if condemned at official establishments having facilities for tanking; otherwise they shall be destroyed pursuant to the provisions of § 314.3 of this subchapter.

(b) Livers condemned because of parasites other than hydatid cysts; and livers condemned because of telangiectasis, angioma, “sawdust” condition, cirrhosis, carotenosis, or other nonmalignant change, benign abscesses, or contamination, when these conditions are not associated with infectious diseases in the carcasses, may be shipped from an official establishment only for purposes other than human food, and only if all tissue affected with abscesses is removed and destroyed within the establishment, and all livers are processed and denatured, with any agent prescribed in § 325.13(a)(1) or (2) or (5), and in accordance with § 325.13(a)(6) of this subchapter. This provision for movement from an official establishment is made solely under the Federal Meat Inspection Act and is not intended to relieve or modify any other applicable requirements under any other law regarding the movement of such articles, for purposes other than use as human food.

(c) Livers condemned because of conditions described in paragraph (b) of this section shall be in containers plainly marked “inedible”.

[41 FR 23701, June 11, 1976]