U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 319.100 - Corned beef.

“Corned Beef” shall be prepared from beef briskets, navels, clods, middle ribs, rounds, rumps, or similar cuts using one or a combination of the curing ingredients specified in a regulation permitting that use in this subchapter or 9 CFR chapter III, subchapter E, or in 21 CFR chapter I, subchapter A or subchapter B. Canned product labeled “Corned Beef” shall be prepared so that the weight of the finished product, excluding cure, salt, and flavoring material, shall not exceed 70 percent of the fresh beef weight. Corned beef other than canned shall be cured in pieces weighing not less than 1 pound, and if cooked, its weight shall not exceed the weight of the fresh uncured beef. Beef cheek meat, beef head meat and beef heart meat may be used to the extent of 5 percent of the meat ingredient in preparation of this product when trimmed as specified in § 319.81. When beef cheek meat, beef head meat, or beef heart meat is used in preparation of this product, its presence shall be reflected in the statement of ingredients required by part 317 of this subchapter. The application of curing solution to beef cuts, other than briskets, which are intended for bulk corned beef shall not result in an increase in the weight of the finished cured product of more than 10 percent over the weight of the fresh uncured meat.

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