U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Nov 26, 2022

§ 247.8 - Incorporation by reference.

All of the provisions of subpart A of this part covering certain multifamily projects (excepting § 247.5) apply with full force to the property described in § 247.9 and they are hereby incorporated by reference.

§ 247.9 - Applicability of procedures.

The procedures outlined in this subpart apply to all decisions to terminate the occupancy of a tenant by the termination of a lease prior to the end of its term or at the end of a term where the tenant resides in any multifamily project which is presently owned by HUD, regardless of whether said project was a subsidized project prior to the acquisition of title by HUD.

§ 247.10 - Inapplicability to substantial rehabilitation or demolition; right of disposition unimpaired.

This subpart shall not apply in any case in which HUD terminates the occupancy of a tenant as a direct result of a determination by HUD to substantially rehabilitate or demolish the project or to dispose of the project to a purchaser who purchases for the purpose of substantial rehabilitation or demolition. Nothing in this subpart should be construed to affect in any way the right of HUD to exercise its full statutory authority and discretion to dispose of property acquired pursuant to the National Housing Act.