U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2023

§ 459.1 - Computation of time for filing papers.

In computing any period of time prescribed by or allowed by the regulations contained in part 458 of this subchapter, the day of the act, event, or default after which the designated period of time begins to run, shall not be included. The last day of the period so computed is to be included unless it is a Saturday, Sunday or Federal legal holiday in which event the period shall run until the end of the next day which is neither a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal legal holiday. When the period of time prescribed or allowed is seven (7) days or less, intermediate Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal legal holidays shall be excluded from the computations. When these regulations require the filing of any paper, such document must be received by the Director or the officer or agent designated to receive such matter before the close of business of the last day of the time limit, if any, for such filing or extension of time that may have been granted.

[45 FR 15165, Mar. 7, 1980. Redesignated at 50 FR 31311, Aug. 1, 1985, as amended at 78 FR 8027, Feb. 5, 2012]

§ 459.2 - Additional time after service by mail.

Whenever a party has the right or is required to do some act pursuant to these regulations within a prescribed period after service of a notice or other paper upon him and the notice or paper is served on him by mail, five (5) days shall be added to the prescribed period: Provided, however, That five (5) days shall not be added if any extension of time may have been granted.

§ 459.3 - Documents in a proceeding.

(a) Title. Documents in any proceeding under part 458 of this subchapter, including correspondence, shall show the title of the proceeding and the case number, if any.

(b) Signature. The original of each document required to be filed under these regulations shall be signed by the party or by an attorney or representative of record for the party, or by an officer of the party, and shall contain the address and telephone number of the person signing it.

§ 459.4 - Service of pleading and other papers under this subchapter.

(a) Method of service. Notices of hearing, decisions, orders and other papers may be served personally or by registered or certified mail or by telegraph. When service is by mail, the date of service shall be the day when the matter served is deposited in the United States mail.

(b) Upon whom served. All papers, except as herein otherwise provided, shall be served upon all counsel of record and upon parties not represented by counsel or by their agents designated by them or by law and upon the Director, or his designated officer, or agent or Administrative Law Judge where appropriate. Service upon such counsel or representative shall constitute service upon the party, but a copy also shall be transmitted to the party.

[45 FR 15165, Mar. 7, 1980. Redesignated at 50 FR 31311, Aug. 1, 1985, as amended at 78 FR 8027, Feb. 5, 2012]

§ 459.5 - Rules to be construed liberally.

(a) The regulations in this subchapter may be construed liberally to effectuate the purposes and provisions of the CSRA or FSA.

(b) When an act is required or allowed to be done at or within a specified time, the Director may at any time order the period altered where it shall be manifest that strict adherence will work surprise or injustice or interfere with the proper effectuation of the CSRA or FSA.

[45 FR 15165, Mar. 7, 1980. Redesignated at 50 FR 31311, Aug. 1, 1985, as amended at 78 FR 8027, Feb. 5, 2012]