U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 01, 2023

§ 1404.4 - Roster and status of members.

(a) The Roster. FMCS shall maintain a Roster of labor arbitrators consisting of persons who meet the criteria for listing contained in § 1404.5 and who remain in good standing.

(b) Adherence to standards and requirements. Persons listed on the Roster shall comply with FMCS rules and regulations pertaining to arbitration and with such guidelines and procedures as may be issued by OA pursuant to subpart C of this part. Arbitrators shall conform to the ethical standards and procedures set forth in the Code of Professional Responsibility for Arbitrators of Labor Management Disputes, as approved by the National Academy of Arbitrators, FMCS, and the American Arbitration Association (“the Code”).

(c) Status of arbitrators. Persons who are listed on the Roster and are selected or appointed to hear arbitration matters or to serve as factfinders do not become employees of the Federal Government by virtue of their selection or appointment. Following selection or appointment, the arbitrator's relationship is solely with the parties to the dispute, except that arbitrators are subject to certain reporting requirements and to standards of conduct as set forth in this part.

(d) Rights of persons listed on the Roster. No person shall have any right to be listed or to remain listed on the Roster. FMCS retains its authority and responsibility to assure that the needs of the parties using its services are served. To accomplish this purpose, FMCS may establish procedures for the preparation of panels or the appointment of arbitrators or factfinders that include consideration of such factors as background and experience, availability, acceptability, geographical location, and the expressed preferences of the parties.

§ 1404.5 - Listing on the Roster, criteria for listing and removal, procedure for removal.

Persons seeking to be listed on the Roster must complete and submit an application available online at https://www.fmcs.gov/services/arbitration/information-joining-arbitrator-roster/. Upon receipt of an executed application, OA will review the application, ensure that it is complete, make such inquiries as are necessary, and submit the application to the Board. The Board will review the completed application under the criteria in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) of this section, and will forward to the FMCS Director, or Director's designee, its recommendation as to whether or not the applicant meets the criteria for listing on the Roster. The Director shall make all final decisions as to whether an applicant may be listed on the Roster. Each applicant shall be notified in writing of the Director's decision and the reasons therefore.

(a) General criteria. (1) Applicants will be listed on the Roster upon a determination that he or she:

(i) Is experienced, competent, and acceptable in decision-making roles in the resolution of labor relations disputes; or

(ii) Has extensive and recent experience in relevant positions in collective bargaining; and

(iii) Is capable of conducting an orderly hearing, can analyze testimony and exhibits and can prepare clear and concise findings and awards within reasonable time limits.

(iv) For applicants who are governmental employees, the following criteria shall also apply:

(A) Federal employees. These applicants must provide OA with written permission from their employer to work as an arbitrator. Federal employees will not be assigned to panels involving the Federal Government.

(B) Governmental employees other than Federal. These applicants must provide OA with written permission from their employer to work as an arbitrator as well as a statement of the jurisdiction(s) in which the applicant is permitted to do this work.

(2) FMCS may identify certain positions relating to collective bargaining that will substitute for the General Criteria. FMCS may also identify periodic educational requirements for remaining on the Roster.

(b) Proof of qualification. Unless waived under exceptional circumstances wholly in the discretion of the Director, applicants must:

(1) Submit five recent labor arbitration awards that are final and binding, and prepared by the applicant while serving as an impartial arbitrator of record selected by mutual agreement of the parties to labor relations disputes arising under collective bargaining agreements, or by direct designation by an administrative agency, or

(2) Successfully complete the FMCS labor arbitrator training course and either submit one award as described above or complete an apprenticeship that meets specifications that FMCS may, in its discretion, provide. Applicants must also submit information demonstrating extensive and recent experience in collective bargaining, including at least the position or title held, duties or responsibilities, the name and location of the company or organization, and the dates of employment.

(c) Advocacy. Any person who at the time of application is an advocate, as defined in paragraph (c)(1) of this section, must agree to cease such activity before being recommended for listing on the Roster by the Board. Except in the case of persons listed on the Roster as advocates before November 17, 1976, any person who did not divulge his or her advocacy at the time of listing or who becomes an advocate while listed on the Roster and who did not request to be placed on inactive status pursuant to § 1404.6 prior to becoming an advocate, shall be recommended for removal by the Board after the fact of advocacy is revealed.

(1) Definition of advocacy. (i) An advocate is a person who represents employers, labor organizations, or individuals as an employee, attorney, or consultant, in matters of labor relations or employment relations, including but not limited to the subjects of union representation and recognition matters, collective bargaining, arbitration, unfair labor practices, equal employment opportunity, and other areas generally recognized as constituting labor or employment relations. The definition includes representatives of employers or employees in individual cases or controversies involving worker's compensation, occupational health or safety, minimum wage, or other labor standards matters.

(ii) This definition of advocate also includes a person who is directly or indirectly associated with an advocate in a business or professional relationship as, for example, partners or employees of a law firm. Individuals engaged only in joint education or training or other non-adversarial activities will not be deemed to be advocates.

(2) [Reserved]

(d) Removal from the Roster. Removal from the Roster shall be by decision of the Director of FMCS based upon the recommendations of the Board or upon the Director's own initiative. The Board may recommend for removal, and the Director may remove, any arbitrator listed on the Roster for violation of this part or of the Code. FMCS will provide to the affected arbitrator written notice of removal from the Roster. Complaints about arbitrators should be in writing and sent to the Director of OA. The complaint should cite any specific section(s) of the Code or the FMCS rule the arbitrator has allegedly violated. The following criteria shall be a basis for the Board to recommend and/or the Director to initiate an arbitrator's removal from the Roster:

(1) No longer meets the criteria for admission;

(2) Has become an advocate as defined in paragraph (c) of this section;

(3) Has been repeatedly or flagrantly in violation of one or more provisions of this part;

(4) Has refused to make reasonable and periodic reports in a timely manner to FMCS, as required in subpart C of this part, concerning activities pertaining to arbitration;

(5) Has been the subject of a complaint by a party who uses FMCS services, or engages in conduct inappropriate for an arbitrator which otherwise comes to the attention of FMCS, and the Board, after appropriate inquiry, concludes that cause for removal has been shown; or

(6) Has been in an inactive status pursuant to § 1404.6 for longer than two years and has not paid the annual listing fee.

(e) Procedure for removal. Prior to any recommendation by the Board to remove an arbitrator from the Roster, the Board shall conduct an inquiry into the facts of any such recommended removal. When the Board recommends removal of an arbitrator, it shall send the arbitrator a written notice. This notice shall inform the arbitrator of the Board's recommendation and the basis for it, and that he or she has 60 days from the date of such notice to submit a written response or information showing why the arbitrator should not be removed. When the Director removes an arbitrator from the Roster, he or she shall inform the arbitrator of this in writing, stating the effective date of the removal and the length of time of the removal if it is not indefinite. An arbitrator so removed may seek reinstatement to the Roster by making written application to the Director no earlier than two years after the effective date of his or her removal.

(f) Suspension. The Director of OA may suspend, for a period not to exceed 180 days, any arbitrator listed on the Roster based on any of the criteria in paragraph (d) of this section. Arbitrators shall be promptly notified of a suspension. The arbitrator may appeal a suspension to the Board, which shall make a recommendation to the Director of FMCS. The decision of the Director of FMCS shall constitute the final action of the agency.

§ 1404.6 - Inactive status.

(a) An arbitrator on the Roster who continues to meet the criteria for listing on the Roster may request that he or she be put in an inactive status on a temporary basis.

(b) Arbitrators whose schedules do not permit cases to be heard within six months of assignment must make themselves inactive temporarily until their caseload permits the earlier scheduling of cases.

(c) An arbitrator can remain on inactive status without paying any annual listing fee for a period of two years. If an arbitrator is on inactive status for longer than two (2) years, the arbitrator will be removed from the Roster unless the arbitrator pays the annual listing fee.

§ 1404.7 - Listing fee.

All arbitrators will be required to pay an annual fee for listing on the Roster, as set forth in the appendix to this part.