U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 501.31 - Review and approval procedures.

(a) EPA shall approve or disapprove a State's application for approval of its State sludge management program within 90 days after receiving a complete program submission.

(b) Within 30 days of receipt by EPA of a State program submission, EPA will notify the State whether its submission is complete. If EPA finds that a State's submission is complete, the 90-day review period will be deemed to have begun on the date of the completeness determination. If EPA finds that a State's submission is incomplete, the review period will not begin until all the necessary information is received by EPA.

(c) After determining that a State program submission is complete, EPA will publish notice of the State's application in the Federal Register and in enough of the largest newspapers in the State to attract statewide attention. EPA will mail notices to persons known to be interested in such matters, including all persons on appropriate State and EPA mailing lists and all treatment works treating domestic sewage listed on the inventory required by § 501.12(f) of this part. The notice will:

(1) Provide a comment period of not less than 45 days during which interested members of the public may express their views on the State program;

(2) Provide opportunity for a public hearing within the State to be held no less than 30 days after notice is published in the Federal Register and indicate when and where the hearing is to be held, or how interested persons may request that a hearing be held if a hearing has not been scheduled. EPA shall hold a public hearing whenever the Regional Administrator finds, on the basis of requests, a significant degree of public interest in the State's application or that a public hearing might clarify one or more issues involved in the State's application.

(3) Indicate the cost of obtaining a copy of the State's submission;

(4) Indicate where and when the State's submission may be reviewed by the public;

(5) Indicate whom an interested member of the public should contact with any questions; and

(6) Briefly outline the fundamental aspects of the State's proposed program, and the process for EPA review and decision.

(d) Within 90 days after determining that the State has submitted a complete program, the Administrator shall approve or disapprove the program based on the requirements of this part and of the CWA and after taking into consideration all comments received. A responsiveness summary shall be prepared by the Regional Office which identifies the public participation activities conducted, describes the matters presented to the public, summarizes significant comments received and explains EPA's response to these comments.

(e) The State and EPA may extend the 90-day review period by mutual agreement.

(f) If the State's submission is materially changed during the 90-day review, either as a result of EPA's review or the State action, the official review period shall begin again upon receipt of the revised submission.

(g) Notice of program approval shall be published by EPA in the Federal Register.

(h) If the Administrator disapproves the State program he or she shall notify the State of the reasons for disapproval and of any revisions or modifications to the State program which are necessary to obtain approval.

§ 501.32 - Procedures for revision of State programs.

(a) Any State with an approved State program which requires revision to comply with amendments to federal regulations governing sewage sludge use or disposal (including revisions to this part) must revise its program within one year after promulgation of applicable regulations, unless either the State must amend or enact a statute in order to make the required revision, in which case such revision must take place within 2 years; or a different schedule is established under the Memorandum of Agreement.

(b) State sludge management programs shall follow the procedures for program revision set forth in 40 CFR 123.62.

[54 FR 18786, May 2, 1989, as amended at 63 FR 45127, Aug. 24, 1998]

§ 501.33 - Criteria for withdrawal of State programs.

The criteria for withdrawal of sludge management programs shall be those set forth in 40 CFR 123.63.

§ 501.34 - Procedures for withdrawal of State programs.

The procedures for withdrawal of sludge management programs shall be those set forth in 40 CFR 123.64.