U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 26, 2022

§ 1520.1 - General statement.

This part is issued in accordance with the regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture 7 CFR, part 1 - Administrative Regulations, Subpart A - Official Records, § 1.3, Agency Implementing Regulations, for the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552). The Secretary's Regulations, as implemented by the regulations in this part govern the availability of records of the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) to the public.

§ 1520.2 - Location and hours.

Members of the public should contact the FAS FOIA Officer to arrange a place and time to review documents. Contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service, Public Affairs Division, 1400 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20250-1004. The office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except national holidays, Tel.: 202-720-3448, Fax: 202-720-1727.

§ 1520.3 - Indexes/Record systems.

5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2) required that each agency publish or otherwise make available a current index of all materials for public inspection and copying. The Foreign Agricultural Service maintains the following record systems. FAS regulations, manuals, and notices; attache reports; general publications; and statements of policy and procedures for various FAS programs. Copies of the FAS index may be obtained free of charge by contacting the office specified in § 1520.2.

§ 1520.4 - Agency FOIA Officer.

Requests for records shall be made to the Freedom of Information Officer, Public Affairs Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, Ag Box 1004, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20250-1004. Tel.: 202-720-3448, Fax: 202-720-1727.

§ 1520.5 - Agency Appeal Official.

Any person whose request under § 1520.4 is denied shall have the right to appeal such a denial. For appeals, write to the following official and mark your letters “FOIA Appeal”: Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20250-1004, Attn: FOIA Appeal.

§ 1520.6 - Other information.

Many documents are available to the public without having to file an FOIA request. These include press releases, speeches, congressional testimony, program regulations, and some letters and memoranda. Some of this information can be found on the FAS web site, www.fas.usda.gov. Also, the FAS annual FOIA report is available on the agency's web site at www.fas.usda.gov. Click on FOIA at the bottom of the page. To request a paper copy of the FAS FOAI annual report, write to: Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Ave. SW., Ag Box 1004, Washington, DC 20250-1004, Attn: Freedom on Information Officer.