U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 22, 2024

§ 2810.1 - General statement.

This part is issued in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) to provide guidance for the general public as to Office of Operations (OO) organization and functions.

§ 2810.2 - Organization.

The Office of Operations (OO) was established January 12, 1982. Delegations of authority to the Director, OO, appear at 7 CFR 2.76. The organization is comprised of six divisions and one staff located at Department headquarters. Description of the functions of these organizational units are in the following section. The organization is headed by a Director.

§ 2810.3 - Functions.

(a) Director. Provides executive direction for OO. Develops and promulgates overall policies and provides general direction, leadership, oversight, and coordination of USDA management of procurement, real and personal property activities, mail and copier management. Provides executive services to the Office of the Secretary and operates activities providing consolidated USDA administrative functions and services.

(b) Deputy Director. Assists the Director, and in the absence of the Director, serves as Acting Director.

(c) Administrative Unit. Provides support for agency management regarding budget, accounting, personnel, and other administrative matters.

(d) Executive Services Division. Provides executive services to the Office of the Secretary in travel arrangements, supplies, furnishings, communications, equipment, and records. Operates the central USDA DC imprest fund.

(e) Facilities Management Division. Operates and maintains the USDA DC headquarters building complex, including headquarters parking. Oversees management and operation of USDA buildings nationwide, and provides DC area labor services.

(f) Mail and Reproduction Management Division. Oversees USDA mail, copier, and duplicating programs. Operates DC area central activities in these areas.

(g) Personal Property Management Division. Oversees USDA supply, motor vehicle, and personal property programs. Operates centralized warehouse and property rehabilitation facilities.

(h) Procurement Division. Oversees USDA procurement programs. Operates centralized purchasing operations for ADP and Washington area activities.

(i) Real Property Management Division. Oversees USDA real property management programs.