U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 25, 2024

§ 20.1405 - Public notification and public participation.

Upon the receipt of an LTP or decommissioning plan from the licensee, or a proposal by the licensee for release of a site pursuant to §§ 20.1403 or 20.1404, or whenever the Commission deems such notice to be in the public interest, the Commission shall:

(a) Notify and solicit comments from:

(1) Local and State governments in the vicinity of the site and any Indian Nation or other indigenous people that have treaty or statutory rights that could be affected by the decommissioning; and

(2) The Environmental Protection Agency for cases where the licensee proposes to release a site pursuant to § 20.1404.

(b) Publish a notice in the Federal Register and in a forum. such as local newspapers, letters to State of local organizations, or other appropriate forum, that is readily accessible to individuals in the vicinity of the site, and solicit comments from affected parties.