U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 930.35 - Negative determinations for proposed activities.

(a) If a Federal agency determines that there will not be coastal effects, then the Federal agency shall provide the State agencies with a negative determination for a Federal agency activity:

(1) Identified by a State agency on its list, as described in § 930.34(b), or through case-by-case monitoring of unlisted activities; or

(2) Which is the same as or is similar to activities for which consistency determinations have been prepared in the past; or

(3) For which the Federal agency undertook a thorough consistency assessment and developed initial findings on the coastal effects of the activity.

(b) Content of a negative determination. A negative determination may be submitted to State agencies in any written form so long as it contains a brief description of the activity, the activity's location and the basis for the Federal agency's determination that the activity will not affect any coastal use or resource. In determining effects, Federal agencies shall follow § 930.33(a)(1), including an evaluation of the relevant enforceable policies of a management program and include the evaluation in the negative determination. The level of detail in the Federal agency's analysis may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the activity and issues raised by the State agency, but shall be sufficient for the State agency to evaluate whether coastal effects are reasonably foreseeable.

(c) A negative determination under paragraph (a) of this section shall be provided to the State agency at least 90 days before final approval of the activity, unless both the Federal agency and the State agency agree to an alternative notification schedule. A State agency is not obligated to respond to a negative determination. If a State agency does not respond to a Federal agency's negative determination within 60 days, State agency concurrence with the negative determination shall be presumed. State agency concurrence shall not be presumed in cases where the State agency, within the 60-day period, requests an extension of time to review the matter. Federal agencies shall approve one request for an extension period of 15 days or less. If a State agency objects to a negative determination, asserting that coastal effects are reasonably foreseeable, the Federal agency shall consider submitting a consistency determination to the State agency or otherwise attempt to resolve any disagreement within the remainder of the 90-day period. If a Federal agency, in response to a State agency's objection to a negative determination, agrees that coastal effects are reasonably foreseeable, the State agency and Federal agency should attempt to agree to complete the consistency review within the 90-day period for the negative determination or consider an alternative schedule pursuant to § 930.36(b)(1). Federal agencies should consider postponing final Federal agency action, beyond the 90-day period, until a disagreement has been resolved. State agencies are not required to provide public notice of the receipt of a negative determination or the resolution of an objection to a negative determination, unless a Federal agency submits a consistency determination pursuant to § 930.34.

(d) General negative determinations. In cases where Federal agencies will be performing a repetitive activity that a Federal agency determines will not have reasonably foreseeable coastal effects, whether performed separately or cumulatively, a Federal agency may provide a State agency(ies) with a general negative determination, thereby avoiding the necessity of issuing separate negative determinations for each occurrence of the activity. A general negative determination must adhere to all requirements for negative determinations under § 930.35. In addition, a general negative determination must describe in detail the activity covered by the general negative determination and the expected number of occurrences of the activity over a specific time period. If a Federal agency issues a general negative determination, it may periodically assess whether the general negative determination is still applicable.

(e) In the event of a serious disagreement between a Federal agency and a State agency regarding a determination related to whether a proposed activity affects any coastal use or resource, either party may seek the Secretarial mediation or OCRM mediation services provided for in subpart G.

[65 FR 77154, Dec. 8, 2000, as amended at 71 FR 827, Jan. 5, 2006]