U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2024

§ 930.42 - Public participation.

(a) Management programs shall provide for public participation in the State agency's review of consistency determinations. Public participation, at a minimum, shall consist of public notice for the area(s) of the coastal zone likely to be affected by the activity, as determined by the State agency.

(b) Timing of public notice. States shall provide timely public notice after the consistency determination has been received by the State agency, except in cases where earlier public notice on the consistency determination by the Federal agency or the State agency meets the requirements of this section. A public comment period shall be provided by the State sufficient to give the public an opportunity to develop and provide comments on whether the project is consistent with management program enforceable policies and still allow the State agency to issue its concurrence or objection within the 60 day State response period.

(c) Content of public notice. The public notice shall:

(1) Specify that the proposed activity is subject to review for consistency with the enforceable policies of the management program;

(2) Provide sufficient information to serve as a basis for comment;

(3) Specify a source for additional information, e.g., a State agency web site; and

(4) Specify a contact for submitting comments to the State agency.

(d) Procedural options that may be used by the State agency for issuance of public notice include, but are not limited to, public notice through an official State gazette, a local newspaper serving areas of coastal zone likely to be affected by the activity, individual State mailings, public notice through a management program newsletter, and electronic notices, e.g., web sites. However, electronic notices, e.g., web sites, shall not be the sole source of a public notification, but may be used in conjunction with other means. Web sites may be used to provide a location for the public to obtain additional information. States shall not require that the Federal agency provide public notice. Federal and State agencies are encouraged to issue joint public notices, and hold joint public hearings, to minimize duplication of effort and to avoid unnecessary delays, so long as the joint notice meets the other requirements of this section.