U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 930.125 - Notice of appeal and application fee to the Secretary.

(a) To obtain Secretarial review of a State agency objection, the appellant shall file a notice of appeal with the Secretary within 30 days of receipt of a State agency objection.

(b) The appellant's notice of appeal shall include a statement explaining the appellant's basis for appeal of the State agency's objection under §§ 930.121 and/or 930.122 of this title, including any procedural arguments pursuant to § 930.129(b). Bases for appeal (including procedural arguments) not identified in the appellant's notice of appeal shall not be considered by the Secretary.

(c) The appellant's notice of appeal shall be accompanied by payment of an application fee or a request for a waiver of such fees. An appeal involving a project valued in excess of $1 million shall be considered a major appeal and the application fee is $500.00. All other appeals shall be considered minor appeals and the application fee is $200.00.

(d) The appellant shall send the Notice of appeal to the Secretary, Herbert C. Hoover Building, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230; a copy of the notice of appeal to the objecting State agency; and to the Assistant General Counsel for Ocean Services (GCOS), 1305 East West Highway, Room 6111 SSMC 4, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.

(e) No extension of time will be permitted for the filing of a notice of appeal.

(f) The Secretary shall waive any or all fees if the Secretary concludes upon review of the appellant's fee waiver request that such fees impose an economic hardship on appellant. The request for a waiver and demonstration of economic hardship shall accompany the notice of appeal. If the Secretary denies a request for a waiver and the appellant wishes to continue with the appeal, the appellant shall submit the appropriate fees to the Secretary within 10 days of receipt of the Secretary's denial. If the fees are not received by the 10th day, then the Secretary shall dismiss the appeal.

[65 FR 77154, Dec. 8, 2000, as amended at 71 FR 830, Jan. 5, 2006; 71 FR 75865, Dec. 19, 2006]