U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 2.5 - Adjudication and settlement of claims.

(a) Upon receipt of a claim by the Assistant General Counsel for Finance and Litigation, the time and date of receipt shall be recorded. The Assistant General Counsel may, after recording the claim, transmit it to the Departmental office or primary operating unit involved in the claim and request that an investigation be conducted. The appropriate Departmental office or primary operating unit shall designate an official to conduct the investigation, who shall prepare a file, obtain additional information as necessary, and prepare for the Assistant General Counsel's signature a proposed award or denial of the claim. If the investigation capabilities of the office or unit are insufficient for a proper and complete investigation, the office or unit shall consult with the Departmental Office of Investigations and Security to:

(1) Have that Office conduct the investigation or

(2) Request another Federal agency to conduct the investigation as necessary, pursuant to § 14.8 of the regulations (28 CFR Part 14), all on a reimbursable basis.

(b) If the amount of the proposed award exceeds $25,000 (in which case, approval by the Attorney General is required), or if consultation with the Department of Justice is desired or required pursuant to § 14.6 of the regulations, the Assistant General Counsel for Finance and Litigation will prepare and compile the material required by the Department of Justice under § 14.7 of the Regulations.

(c) Denial of a claim shall be communicated as provided by § 14.9 of the regulations (28 CFR Part 14).

(d) Designees hereunder are responsible for the control over and expeditious handling of claims, bearing in mind the applicable statutory time limitations for adjudications of claims.

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