U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 303.10 - Fiber content of special types of products.

(a) Where a textile product is made wholly of elastic yarn or material, with minor parts of non-elastic material for structural purposes, it shall be identified as to the percentage of the elastomer, together with the percentage of all textile coverings of the elastomer and all other yarns or materials used therein.

Where a textile fiber product is made in part of elastic material and in part of other fabric, the fiber content of such fabric shall be set forth sectionally by percentages as in the case of other fabrics. In such cases the elastic material may be disclosed by describing the material as elastic followed by a listing in order of predominance by weight of the fibers used in such elastic, including the elastomer, where such fibers are present by 5 per centum or more with the designation “other fiber” or “other fibers” appearing last when fibers required to be so designated are present. An example of labeling under this paragraph is: Front and back non-elastic sections: 50 percent Acetate. 50 percent Cotton. Elastic: Rayon, cotton, nylon, rubber.

(b) Where drapery or upholstery fabrics are manufactured on hand-operated looms for a particular customer after the sale of such fabric has been consummated, and the amount of the order does not exceed 100 yards (91.44 m) of fabric, the required fiber content disclosure may be made by listing the fibers present in order of predominance by weight with any fiber or fibers required to be designated as “other fiber” or “other fibers” appearing last, as for example:

Rayon Wool Acetate Metallic Other fibers

(c)(1) Where a manufactured textile fiber is essentially a physical combination or mixture of two or more chemically distinct constituents or components combined at or prior to the time of extrusion, which components if separately extruded would each fall within different existing definitions of textile fibers as set forth in § 303.7 of this part (Rule 7), the fiber content disclosure as to such fiber, shall for all purposes under the regulations in this part

(i) Disclose such fact in the required fiber content information by appropriate nondeceptive descriptive terminology, such as “biconstituent fiber” or “multiconstituent fiber,”

(ii) Set out the components contained in the fiber by the appropriate generic name specified in § 303.7 of this part (Rule 7) in the order of their predominance by weight, and

(iii) Set out the respective percentages of such components by weight.

(2) If the components of such fibers are of a matrix-fibril configuration, the term matrix-fibril fiber or matrix fiber may be used in setting forth the information required by this paragraph.

(3) Examples of proper fiber content designations under this paragraph are:

100% Biconstituent Fiber (65% Nylon, 35% Polyester) 80% Matrix Fiber (60% Nylon, 40% Polyester) 15% Polyester 5% Rayon

(4) All of the provisions as to fiber content disclosures contained in the Act and regulations, including the provisions relative to fiber content tolerances and disclosures of fibers present in amounts of less than 5 percentum of the total fiber weight, shall also be applicable to the designations and disclosures prescribed by this paragraph.

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