U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 09, 2023

§ 303.26 - Ornamentation.

(a)(1) Where the textile fiber product contains fiber ornamentation not exceeding five per centum of the total fiber weight of the product and the stated percentages of the fiber content are exclusive of such ornamentation, the label or any invoice used in lieu thereof shall contain a phrase or statement showing such fact; as for example:

60% Cotton 40% Rayon Exclusive of Ornamentation; or All Cotton Exclusive of Ornamentation.

(2) The fiber content of such ornamentation may be disclosed where the percentage of the ornamentation in relation to the total fiber weight of the principal fiber or blend of fibers is shown; as for example:

70% Nylon 30% Acetate Exclusive of 4% Metallic Ornamentation; or 100% Rayon Exclusive of 3% Silk Ornamentation.

(b) Where the fiber ornamentation exceeds five per centum, it shall be included in the statement of required percentages of fiber content.

(c) Where the ornamentation constitutes a distinct section of the product, sectional disclosure may be made in accordance with § 303.25 of this part.