U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 303.33 - Country where textile fiber products are processed or manufactured.

(a) In addition to the other information required by the Act and Regulations:

(1) Each imported textile fiber product shall be labeled with the name of the country where such imported product was processed or manufactured;

(2) Each textile fiber product completely made in the United States of materials that were made in the United States shall be labeled using the term Made in U.S.A. or some other clear and equivalent term.

(3) Each textile fiber product made in the United States, either in whole or in part of imported materials, shall contain a label disclosing these facts; for example:

Made in USA of imported fabric or Knitted in USA of imported yarn


(4) Each textile fiber product partially manufactured in a foreign country and partially manufactured in the United States shall contain on a label the following information:

(i) The manufacturing process in the foreign country and in the USA; for example:

“Imported cloth, finished in USA” or “Sewn in USA of imported components” or “Made in [foreign country], finished in USA” or “Scarf made in USA of fabric made in China” or “Comforter Filled, Sewn and Finished in the U.S. With Shell Made in China” or “Made in [Foreign Country]/fabric made in USA” or “Knit in USA, assembled in [Foreign Country]”.

(ii) When the U.S. Customs Service requires an origin label on the unfinished product, the manufacturing processes as required in paragraph (a)(4)(i) of this section or the name of the foreign country required by Customs, for example:

“Made in (foreign country)”

(b) For the purpose of determining whether a product should be marked under paragraphs (a) (2), (3), or (4) of this section, a manufacturer needs to consider the origin of only those materials that are covered under the Act and that are one step removed from that manufacturing process. For example, a yarn manufacturer must identify fiber if it is imported, a cloth manufacturer must identify imported yarn and a household product manufacturer must identify imported cloth or imported yarn for household products made directly from yarn, or imported fiber used as filling for warmth.

(c) The term country means the political entity known as a nation. Except for the United States, colonies, possessions or protectorates outside the boundaries of the mother country shall be considered separate countries, and the name thereof shall be deemed acceptable in designating the country where the textile fiber product was processed or manufactured unless the Commission shall otherwise direct.

(d) The country of origin of an imported textile fiber product as determined under the laws and regulations enforced by United States Customs and Border Protection shall be considered to be the country where such textile fiber product was processed or manufactured.

(e) The English name of the country where the imported textile fiber product was processed or manufactured shall be used. The adjectival form of the name of the country will be accepted as the name of the country where the textile fiber product was processed or manufactured, provided the adjectival form of the name does not appear with such other words so as to refer to a kind or species of product. Variant spellings which clearly indicate the English name of the country, such as Brasil for Brazil and Italie for Italy, are acceptable. Abbreviations which unmistakably indicate the name of a country, such as “Gt. Britain” for “Great Britain,” are acceptable.

(f) Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting in any way the information required to be disclosed on labels under the provisions of any Tariff Act of the United States or regulations promulgated thereunder.

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