U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 305.21 - Labeling for ceiling fans.

(a) Ceiling fans—(1) Content. Any covered product that is a ceiling fan, except for large diameter and high-speed small diameter fans as defined in 10 CFR part 430, shall be labeled clearly and conspicuously on the package's principal display panel with the following information on the label consistent with the sample label in appendix L to this part:

(i) Headlines, including the title “EnergyGuide,” and text as illustrated in the sample label in appendix L to this part;

(ii) The product's estimated yearly energy cost based on 6.4 hours use per day and 12 cents per kWh;

(iii) The product's airflow expressed in cubic feet per minute and determined pursuant to § 305.8;

(iv) The product's energy use expressed in watts and determined pursuant to § 305.8 as indicated in the sample label in appendix L of this part;

(v) The statement “Based on 12 cents per kWh and 6.4 hours use per day”;

(vi) The statement “Your cost depends on rates and use”;

(vii) The statement “All estimates based on typical use, excluding lights”;

(viii) The statement “The higher the airflow, the more air the fan will move”;

(ix) The statement “Airflow Efficiency: ____Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt”;

(x) The address ftc.gov/energy;

(xi) For fans less than 19 inches in diameter, the label shall display a cost range of $10 to $50 along with the statement underneath the range “Cost Range of Similar Models (18″ or smaller)”;

(xii) For fans from 19 or more inches and less than or equal to 84 inches in diameter, the label shall display a cost range of $3 to $34 along with the statement underneath the range “Cost Range of Similar Models (19″–84″).

(xiii) Placement of the labeled product on the scale proportionate to the lowest and highest estimated annual energy costs as illustrated in the Sample Labels in appendix L. When the estimated annual energy cost of a given model falls outside the limits of the current range for that product, the manufacturer shall place the product at the end of the range closest to the model's energy cost.

(xiv) The ENERGY STAR logo as illustrated on the ceiling fan label illustration in Appendix L for qualified products, if desired by the manufacturer. Only manufacturers that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Energy or the Environmental Protection Agency may add the ENERGY STAR logo to labels on qualifying covered products; such manufacturers may add the ENERGY STAR logo to labels only on those products that are covered by the Memorandum of Understanding;

(2) Label size, color, and text font. The label shall be four inches wide and three inches high. The label colors shall be black text on a process yellow or other neutral contrasting background. The text font shall be Arial or another equivalent font. The label's text size, format, content, and the order of the required disclosures shall be consistent with the ceiling fan label illustration of appendix L of this part.

(3) Placement. The ceiling fan label shall be printed on or affixed to the principal display panel of the product's packaging.

(4) Additional information. No marks or information other than that specified in this part shall appear on this label, except a model name, number, or similar identifying information.

(5) Labeling for “multi-mount” fans. For “multi-mount” fan models that can be installed either extended from the ceiling or flush with the ceiling, the label content must reflect the lowest efficiency (cubic feet per minute per watt) configuration. Manufacturers may provide a second label depicting the efficiency at the other configuration.

(b) [Reserved]

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