U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 30, 2023

§ 803.30 - Formal and informal interpretations of requirements under the Act and the rules.

(a) The Commission staff may consider requests for formal or informal interpretations as to the obligations under the act and these rules of any party to an acquisition. A request for a formal interpretation shall be made in writing to the offices designated in § 803.10(c), and shall state: (1) all facts which the applicant believes to be material, (2) the reasons why the requirements of the act are or may be applicable and (3) the question(s) that the applicant wishes resolved. The Commission staff may, in its discretion, render a formal or informal response to any request, however made, or may decline to render such advice.

(b) In the sole discretion of the staff, any request for interpretation may be referred to the Commission.

(c) Formal interpretations by the Commission staff or by the Commission shall be rendered with the concurrence of the Assistant Attorney General or his or her designee.

(d) Any formal interpretation shall be without prejudice to the right of either the Commission or the Assistant Attorney General to rescind any such interpretation rendered pursuant to this section. In the event of such rescission, the party which requested the interpretation shall be so notified in writing.

(e) The Commission shall publish a summary of formal interpretations by the Commission, and any rescissions thereof, in the Federal Register.