U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 284.102 - Transportation by interstate pipelines.

(a) Subject to paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section, other provisions of this subpart, and the conditions of subpart A of this part, any interstate pipeline is authorized without prior Commission approval, to transport natural gas on behalf of:

(1) Any intrastate pipeline; or

(2) Any local distribution company.

(b) Any rates charged for transportation under this subpart may not exceed the just and reasonable rates established under subpart A of this part.

(c) An interstate pipeline that engages in transportation arrangements under this subpart must file reports in accordance with § 284.13 of this chapter.

(d) Transportation of natural gas is not on behalf of an intrastate pipeline or local distribution company or authorized under this section unless:

(1) The intrastate pipeline or local distribution company has physical custody of and transports the natural gas at some point; or

(2) The intrastate pipeline or local distribution company holds title to the natural gas at some point, which may occur prior to, during, or after the time that the gas is being transported by the interstate pipeline, for a purpose related to its status and functions as an intrastate pipeline or its status and functions as a local distribution company; or

(3) The gas is delivered at some point to a customer that either is located in a local distribution company's service area or is physically able to receive direct deliveries of gas from an intrastate pipeline, and that local distribution company or intrastate pipeline certifies that it is on its behalf that the interstate pipeline is providing transportation service.

(e) An interstate pipeline must obtain from its shippers certifications including sufficient information to verify that their services qualify under this section. Prior to commencing transportation service described in paragraph (d)(3) of this section, an interstate pipeline must receive the certification required from a local distribution company or an intrastate pipeline pursuant to paragraph (d)(3) of this section.

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