U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 19, 2024

§ 284.264 - Terms and conditions.

(a) General conditions. (1) A participant must make every reasonable attempt to minimize use of emergency natural gas transactions.

(2) Before deliveries of emergency natural gas commence, a responsible official of the recipient must provide any participants in the emergency natural gas transaction sufficient information to enable the participants to form a good faith belief that an emergency exists or is imminent.

(3) No participant may engage in an emergency natural gas transaction if its participation will adversely affect service to its existing customers.

(4) A participant may not sell emergency natural gas if, during the term of the sale, it is also purchasing emergency natural gas under this subpart, except when natural gas is being sold to relieve an emergency on another, separate segment of the participant's system.

(5) An interstate pipeline, acting in an emergency gas transaction as a broker or agent on behalf of another participant or any other person, may not receive compensation for such brokerage or agency service.

(6) A recipient of emergency natural gas that directly benefits from the service must:

(i) Provide line loss and the fuel volumes required to transport the emergency natural gas; and

(ii) Pay for the facilities required to be constructed to conduct the emergency natural gas transaction.

(b) Duration—(1) Emergency sale or transportation. An emergency natural gas transaction is limited to 60 consecutive calendar days, except that such transaction may be continued for an additional 60 consecutive days if:

(i) Fifteen days prior to the end of the initial 60-day period, the recipient of emergency natural gas files a petition that:

(A) Describes fully the continued emergency,

(B) Requests a waiver of the initial 60-day limitation and permission for an extension of the transaction for an additional 60 days; and

(ii) Within the 15-day period, the Commission does not, by order, prohibit continuation of the emergency natural gas transaction for the additional 60-day period.

(2) Redelivery in emergency exchange. The redelivery of emergency natural gas received under an exchange arrangement must occur within 180 consecutive days following the termination of deliveries of the emergency natural gas.