U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 06, 2023

§ 41.3 - Shortened procedure.

If the audited person subject to a Commission order described in § 41.1 notifies the Commission that it seeks to challenge one or more audit findings, or proposed remedies, or both, in any combination, by the shortened procedure, the Commission shall thereupon issue a notice setting a schedule for the filing of memoranda. The person electing the use of the shortened procedure, and any other interested entities, including the Commission staff, shall file, within 45 days of the notice, an initial memorandum that addresses the relevant facts and applicable law that support the position or positions taken regarding the matters at issue. Reply memoranda shall be filed within 20 days of the date by which the initial memoranda are due to be filed. Only participants who filed initial memoranda may file reply memoranda. Subpart T of part 385 of this chapter shall apply to all filings. Within 20 days after the last date that reply memoranda under the shortened procedure may be timely filed, the audited person who elected the shortened procedure may file a motion with the Commission requesting a trial-type hearing if new issues are raised by a party. To prevail in such a motion, the audited person must show that a party to the shortened procedure raised one or more new issues of material fact relevant to resolution of a matter in the shortened procedure such that fundamental fairness requires a trial-type hearing to resolve the new issue or issues so raised. Parties to the shortened procedure and the Commission staff may file responses to the motion. In ruling upon the motion, the Commission may determine that some or all of the issues be litigated in a trial-type hearing.

[Order 675, 71 FR 9706, Feb. 27, 2006]