U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 10, 2023

§ 4.3 - Report on project cost.

(a) Scheduling an audit. When the original cost declaration letter, filed in accordance with § 4.1 is received by the Commission, its representative will schedule and conduct an audit of the books, cost records, engineering reports, and other records supporting the project's original cost. The audit may include an inspection of the project works.

(b) Project records. The cost records shall be supported by memorandum accounts reflecting the indirect and overhead costs prior to their spread to primary accounts as well as all the details of allocations including formulas utilized to spread the indirect and overhead costs to primary accounts.

(c) Report by Commission staff. Upon completion of the audit, a report will be prepared for the Commission setting forth the audit findings and recommendations with respect to the cost as claimed.

[Order 53, 44 FR 61948, Oct. 29, 1979]