U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4.14 - Hearing upon report.

(a) Public hearing. After the expiration of the time within which a protest may be filed, a public hearing will be ordered in accordance with subpart E of part 385 of this chapter.

(b) Commission determination. After the conclusion of the hearing, the Commission will make a finding of fair value, accompanied by an order which will be served upon the licensee and all parties to the proceeding. One copy of the order shall be furnished to the Secretary of the Treasury by the Commission.

(c) Adjustment to licensee's books. The licensee's books of account for the project shall be adjusted to conform to the fair value of the project as revised by the order of the Commission. These adjustments and the project may be audited by Commission representatives, as scheduled.

[Order 53, 44 FR 61949, Oct. 29, 1979, as amended by Order 225, 47 FR 19056, May 3, 1982]