U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4.95 - Surrender of exemption.

(a) To voluntarily surrender its exemption, a holder of an exemption for a small conduit hydroelectric facility must file a petition with the Commission.

(b)(1) If construction has begun, prior to filing a petition with the Commission, the exemption holder must consult with the fish and wildlife agencies in accordance with § 4.38, substituting for the information required under § 4.38(b)(1) information appropriate to the disposition and restoration of the project works and lands. The petition must set forth the exemption holder's plans with respect to disposition and restoration of the project works and lands.

(2) If construction has begun, public notice of the petition will be given, and, at least 30 days thereafter, the Commission will act upon the petition.

(c) If no construction has begun, unless the Commission issues an order to the contrary, the exemption will remain in effect through the thirtieth day after the Commission issues a public notice of receipt of the petition. New applications involving the site of the surrendered exemption may be filed on the next business day.

(d) Exemptions may be surrendered only upon fulfillment by the exemption holder of such obligations under the exemption as the Commission may prescribe and, if construction has begun, upon such conditions with respect to the disposition of such project works and restoration of project lands as may be determined by the Commission and the Federal and state fish and wildlife agencies.

(e) Where occupancy of federal lands or reservations has been permitted by a federal agency having supervision over such lands, the exemption holder must concurrently notify that agency of the petition to surrender and of the steps that will be taken to restore the affected federal lands or reservations.

[Order 413, 50 FR 11687, Mar. 25, 1985, as amended by Order 800, 79 FR 59111, Oct. 1, 2014]