U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 174.25 - Application for further review.

(a) Form and number of copies. An application for further review may be filed on the same Customs Form 19 used for filing the protest for which further review is requested, or on a separate Customs Form 19. In either case, the Customs Form 19 shall be filed in quadruplicate. If a fifth copy of the application is presented for the purpose of having recorded thereon the date of its receipt, such information shall be recorded thereon and the fifth copy shall be returned to the person filing the application.

(b) Contents. An application for further review shall contain the following information:

(1) Information identifying the protest to which it applies and the protesting party and his importer number;

(2) Allegations that the protesting party:

(i) Has not previously received an adverse administrative decision from the Commissioner of Customs or his designee nor has presently pending an application for an administrative decision on the same claim with respect to the same category of merchandise; and

(ii) Has not received a final adverse decision from the Customs courts on the same claim with respect to the same category of merchandise and does not have an action involving such a claim pending before the Customs courts.

(3) A statement of any facts or additional legal arguments, not part of the record, upon which the protesting party relies, including the criterion set forth in § 174.24 which justifies further review. A showing of facts that support the allegation of a criterion set forth in § 174.24(c) will constitute a ground for the granting of further review in circumstances where the applicant's inability to affirmatively make the allegations described in paragraph (b)(2) of this section would otherwise result in its denial.

[T.D. 70-81, 35 FR 13429, Aug. 22, 1970, as amended by T.D. 78-99, 43 FR 13062, Mar. 29, 1978]