U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 21, 2024

§ 658.418 - Decision of the State hearing official.

(a) The State hearing official may:

(1) Rule that it lacks jurisdiction over the case;

(2) Rule that the complaint has been withdrawn properly in writing;

(3) Rule that reasonable cause exists to believe that the request has been abandoned; or

(4) Render such other rulings as are appropriate to resolve the issues in question.

However, the State hearing official does not have authority or jurisdiction to consider the validity or constitutionality of the ES regulations or of the Federal statutes under which they are promulgated.

(b) Based on the entire record, including the investigations and determinations of the ES offices and State agencies and any evidence provided at the hearing, the State hearing official must prepare a written decision. The State hearing official must send a copy of the decision stating the findings of fact and conclusions of law, and the reasons therefor to the complainant, the respondent, entities serving as amicus capacity (if any), the State agency, the Regional Administrator, and the Solicitor of Labor, Attn: Associate Solicitor for Employment and Training Legal Services, Department of Labor, Room N2101, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20210. The notification to the complainant and respondent must be sent by certified mail or by other legally viable means.

(c) All decisions of a State hearing official must be accompanied by a written notice informing the parties (not including the Regional Administrator, the Solicitor of Labor, or entities serving in an amicus capacity) that they may appeal the judge's decision within 20 working days of the certified date of receipt of the decision, and they may file an appeal in writing with the Regional Administrator. The notice must give the address of the Regional Administrator.