U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 120.5 - Relation to regulations of other agencies; export of items subject to the EAR.

(a) If a defense article or service is covered by the U.S. Munitions List set forth in this subchapter, its export and temporary import is regulated by the Department of State (see also § 120.2 of this subchapter). The President has delegated the authority to control defense articles and services for purposes of permanent import to the Attorney General. The defense articles and services controlled by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General collectively comprise the U.S. Munitions List under the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). As the Attorney General exercises independent delegated authority to designate defense articles and services for purposes of permanent import controls, the permanent import control list administered by the Department of Justice has been separately labeled the U.S. Munitions Import List (27 CFR part 447) to distinguish it from the list set out in this subchapter. In carrying out the functions delegated to the Attorney General pursuant to the AECA, the Attorney General shall be guided by the views of the Secretary of State on matters affecting world peace and the external security and foreign policy of the United States. The Department of Commerce regulates the export, reexport, and in-country transfer of items on the Commerce Control List and other items subject to its jurisdiction, as well as the provision of certain proliferation activities, under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 CFR parts 730 through 774). For the relationship of this subchapter to regulations of the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, see § 123.20 of this subchapter.

(b) A license or other approval (see § 120.20) from the Department of State granted in accordance with this subchapter may also authorize the export of items subject to the EAR (see § 120.42). An exemption (see parts 123, 124, 125, and 126 of this subchapter) may only be used to export an item subject to the EAR that is for use in or with a defense article and is included in the same shipment as any defense article. No exemption under this subchapter may be utilized to export an item subject to the EAR if not accompanied by a defense article. Separate approval from the Department of Commerce is not required for these items. Those items subject to the EAR exported pursuant to a Department of State license or other approval would remain under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce for any subsequent transactions. The inclusion of items subject to the EAR on a Department of State license or other approval does not change the licensing jurisdiction of the items. (See § 123.1(b) of this subchapter for guidance on identifying items subject to the EAR in a license application to the Department of State.)

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