U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 19, 2022

§ 120.50 - Release.

(a) Technical data is released through:

(1) Visual or other inspection by foreign persons of a defense article that reveals technical data to a foreign person;

(2) Oral or written exchanges with foreign persons of technical data in the United States or abroad;

(3) The use of access information to cause or enable a foreign person, including yourself, to access, view, or possess unencrypted technical data; or

(4) The use of access information to cause technical data outside of the United States to be in unencrypted form.

(b) Authorization for a release of technical data to a foreign person is required to provide access information to that foreign person, if that access information can cause or enable access, viewing, or possession of the unencrypted technical data.

[81 FR 35616, June 3, 2016, as amended at 84 FR 70892, Dec. 26, 2019]