U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 122.2 - Submission of registration statement.

(a) General. An intended registrant must submit a Statement of Registration (Department of State form DS-2032) to the Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance by following the submission guidelines available on the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls Web site at www.pmddtc.state.gov. The Statement of Registration must be signed by a U.S. person senior officer (e.g., chief executive officer, president, secretary, partner, member, treasurer, general counsel) who has been empowered by the intended registrant to sign such documents. The Statement of Registration may include subsidiaries and affiliates when more than 50 percent of the voting securities are owned by the registrant or the subsidiaries and affiliates are otherwise controlled by the registrant (see § 120.66 of this subchapter). The intended registrant also shall submit documentation that demonstrates that it is incorporated or otherwise authorized to do business in the U.S. The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls will notify the registrant if the Statement of Registration is incomplete either by notifying the registrant of what information is required or through the return of the entire registration package. Registrants may not establish new entities for the purpose of reducing registration fees.

(b) Statement of Registration Certification. The Statement of Registration of the intended registrant shall include a certification by an authorized senior officer of the following:

(1) Whether the intended registrant or its parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate listed in the Statement of Registration, or any of its chief executive officers, presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, partners, members, other senior officers or officials (e.g., comptroller, treasurer, general counsel), or any member of the board of directors of the intended registrant, or of any parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate listed in the Statement of Registration:

(i) Has ever been indicted or otherwise charged (e.g., charged by criminal information in lieu of indictment) for or has been convicted of violating any U.S. criminal statutes enumerated in § 120.6 of this subchapter or violating a foreign criminal law on exportation of defense articles where conviction of such law carries a minimum term of imprisonment of greater than 1 year; or

(ii) Is ineligible to contract with, or to receive a license or other approval to import defense articles or defense services from, or to receive an export license or other approval from, any agency of the U.S. Government; and

(2) Whether the intended registrant is foreign owned or foreign controlled (see § 120.65 of this subchapter). If the intended registrant is foreign owned or foreign controlled, the certification shall include an explanation of such ownership or control, including the identities of the foreign person or persons who ultimately own or control the registrant. This requirement applies to a registrant who is a U.S. person and is owned or controlled by a foreign person. It also applies to a registrant who is a foreign person and is owned or controlled by a foreign person from the same country or a foreign person from another country.

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