U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 122.4 - Notification of changes in information furnished by registrants.

(a) A registrant must, within five days of the event, provide to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls a written notification, signed by a senior officer (e.g., chief executive officer, president, secretary, partner, member, treasurer, general counsel), if:

(1) Any of the persons referred to in § 122.2(b) is indicted or otherwise charged (e.g., by criminal information in lieu of indictment) for or convicted of violating any of the U.S. criminal statutes enumerated in § 120.6 of this subchapter or violating a foreign criminal law on exportation of defense articles where conviction of such law carries a minimum term of imprisonment of greater than 1 year, or becomes ineligible to contract with, or to receive a license or other approval to export or temporarily import defense articles or defense services from any agency of the U.S. Government; or

(2) There is a change in the following information contained in the Statement of Registration:

(i) Registrant's name;

(ii) Registrant's address;

(iii) Registrant's legal organization structure;

(iv) Ownership or control;

(v) The establishment, acquisition, or divestment of a U.S. or foreign subsidiary or other affiliate who is engaged in manufacturing defense articles, exporting defense articles or defense services; or

(vi) Board of directors, senior officers, partners, or owners.

Note 1 to paragraph (a):

All other changes in the Statement of Registration must be provided as part of annual registration renewal.

Note 2 to paragraph (a):

For one year from the effective date of the rule, “Amendment to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations: Registration and Licensing of Brokers, Brokering Activities, and Related Provisions,” RIN 1400-AC37, the following changes must be provided as part of the annual registration renewal: Pursuant to § 129.3(d) of this subchapter, changes to combine an existing broker registration with an existing manufacturer/exporter registration; and pursuant to § 122.2(a) of this subchapter, changes to an existing registration to remove partially owned and not otherwise controlled subsidiaries or affiliates, which are not the subject of an internal reorganization, merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

(b) A registrant must notify the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls by registered mail at least 60 days in advance of any intended sale or transfer to a foreign person of ownership or control of the registrant or any entity thereof. Such notice does not relieve the registrant from obtaining the approval required under this subchapter for the export of defense articles or defense services to a foreign person, including the approval required prior to disclosing technical data. Such notice provides the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls with the information necessary to determine whether the authority of § 38(g)(6) of the Arms Export Control Act regarding licenses or other approvals for certain sales or transfers of defense articles or data on the U.S. Munitions List should be invoked (see § 126.1(e) of this subchapter).

(c) The new entity formed when a registrant merges with another company or acquires, or is acquired by, another company or a subsidiary or division of another company shall advise the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls of the following:

(1) The new firm name and all previous firm names being disclosed;

(2) The registration number that will survive and those that are to be discontinued (if any);

(3) The license numbers of all approvals on which unshipped balances will be shipped under the surviving registration number, since any license not the subject of notification will be considered invalid; and

(4) Amendments to agreements approved by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls to change the name of a party to those agreements. The registrant must provide to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls a signed copy of such an amendment to each agreement signed by the new U.S. entity, the former U.S. licensor and the foreign licensee, within 60 days of this notification, unless an extension of time is approved by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. Any agreement not so amended may be considered invalid.

(d) Prior approval by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls is required for any amendment making a substantive change.

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