U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 124.7 - Information required in all manufacturing license agreements and technical assistance agreements.

(a) The following information must be included in all proposed manufacturing license agreements and technical assistance agreements. The information should be provided in terms which are as precise as possible. If the applicant believes that a clause or that required information is not relevant or necessary, the applicant may request the omission of the clause or information. The transmittal letter accompanying the agreement must state the reasons for any proposed variation in the clauses or required information.

(1) The agreement must describe the defense article to be manufactured and all defense articles to be exported, including any test and support equipment or advanced materials. They should be described by military nomenclature, contract number, National Stock Number, nameplate data, or other specific information. Only defense articles listed in the agreement will be eligible for export under the exemption in § 123.16(b)(1) of this subchapter.

(2) The agreement must specifically describe the assistance and technical data, including the design and manufacturing know-how involved, to be furnished and any manufacturing rights to be granted;

(3) The agreement must specify its duration; and

(4) The agreement must specifically identify the countries or areas in which manufacturing, production, processing, sale or other form of transfer is to be licensed.

(b) [Reserved]

[58 FR 39305, July 22, 1993, as amended at 81 FR 54736, Aug. 17, 2016]