U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 128.7 - Prehearing conference.

(a)(1) The Administrative Law Judge may, upon his own motion or upon motion of any party, request the parties or their counsel to a prehearing conference to consider:

(i) Simplification of issues;

(ii) The necessity or desirability of amendments to pleadings;

(iii) Obtaining stipulations of fact and of documents to avoid unnecessary proof; or

(iv) Such other matter as may expedite the disposition of the proceeding.

(2) The Administrative Law Judge will prepare a summary of the action agreed upon or taken at the conference, and will incorporate therein any written stipulations or agreements made by the parties.

(3) The conference proceedings may be recorded magnetically or taken by a reporter and transcribed, and filed with the Administrative Law Judge.

(b) If a conference is impracticable , the Administrative Law Judge may request the parties to correspond with the person to achieve the purposes of a conference. The Administrative Law Judge shall prepare a summary of action taken as in the case of a conference.

[61 FR 48832, Sept. 17, 1996, as amended at 71 FR 20551, Apr. 21, 2006]