U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 17, 2022

§ 151.11 - Notification of ownership, maintenance or use of vessel and/or aircraft; evidence of insurance.

(a) Each person subject to the Act and each mission must notify the Department of State in writing of the ownership, maintenance or other regular use of a vessel or aircraft in the United States by such mission or person.

(b) Notices under paragraph (a) of this section shall identify the vessel and/or aircraft with specificity, including model and manufacturer's name, and serial and registration numbers. Each notification shall be accompanied by a copy of the insurance policy or policies issued in respect of the vessel and/or aircraft. Such policy or policies need not be issued by the insurer providing liability insurance for motor vehicles.

(c) With regard to senior United Nations officials, missions to the United Nations and members of such missions as have diplomatic status and their families, notices and evidence of insurance under this section shall be delivered to the counselor for Host Country Affairs of the United States Mission to the United Nations. All other notices under this section shall be delivered to the Chief of Protocol, Department of State.