U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 201.15 - Late charges to borrowers.

(a) Imposition of late charge. The note may provide for imposition of a late charge unless precluded by State law. The late charge may be imposed only for installments of principal and interest which are in arrears for the greater of 15 calendar days or the number of days required by applicable State law before such a charge may be imposed. Late charges must be billed to the borrower or reflected in the payment coupon, and evidence of any late charges that have been paid must be in the loan file if an insurance claim is made.

(b) Amount of late charge. The late charge shall not exceed the lesser of five percent of each installment of principal and interest, up to a maximum of $10 per installment for any property improvement loan and $15 per installment for any manufactured home loan, or the maximum amount permitted by applicable State law.

(c) Method of payment. Payment of any late charge cannot be deducted from the monthly payment for principal and interest, but must be an additional charge to the borrower.

(d) Daily interest in lieu of late charges. In lieu of late charges, the note may provide for interest to accrue on installments in arrears on a daily basis at the interest rate in the note.

[54 FR 36264, Aug. 31, 1989]