U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 236.252 - First, second, and third mortgage insurance premiums.

All of the provisions of § 207.252 of this chapter governing the first, second, and third mortgage insurance premiums shall apply to mortgages insured under this subpart, except:

(a) Where an application for a loan under section 202 of the Housing Act of 1959 has been filed previously in connection with the project, but it is being financed with a mortgage insured under this part because funds are not available to make the section 202 loan, the mortgage insurance premium due and payable between the dates of initial and final insurance endorsement shall be at the rate of one-fourth of one percent per annum of the average outstanding principal obligation of the mortgage and such premiums shall be prorated for any fractional part of a year. Following final endorsement, the mortgage insurance premium shall be increased to one-half of one percent and shall be paid as provided in § 207.252.

(b) Where a mortgage has been insured under this subpart pursuant to section 238(c) of the Act, the mortgage insurance premiums due in accordance with § 207.252 shall be calculated on the basis of one percent.

[42 FR 59675, Nov. 18, 1977]