U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 15, 2022

§ 17.6 - Claims investigation.

(a) When a claim has been filed with the Department, the head of the organizational unit concerned or his designee shall designate one employee in that unit who shall act as, and who shall be referred to herein as, the Claims Investigating Officer for that particular claim. When a claim is received by the head of an organizational unit to which this subpart applies, it shall be forwarded with or without comment to the designated Claims Investigating Officer, who shall:

(1) Investigate as completely as is practicable the nature and circumstances of the occurrence causing the loss or damage of the claimant's property;

(2) Ascertain the extent of loss or damage to the claimant's property;

(3) Assemble the necessary forms with required data contained therein;

(4) Prepare a brief statement setting forth the facts relative to the claim, a statement whether the claim satisfies the requirements of this subpart, and a recommendation as to the amount to be paid in settlement of the claim;

(5) Submit such forms, statements, and all necessary supporting papers to the head of the organizational unit having jurisdiction over the employee involved, who will be responsible for assuring that all necessary data has been obtained for the file. The head of the organizational unit will transmit the entire file to the General Counsel.