U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 35.155 - Minimum requirements.

(a) Nothing in subparts B, C, D, F through M, and R of this part is intended to preclude a designated party or owner from conducting additional evaluation or hazard reduction measures beyond the minimum requirements established for each program in this regulation. For example, if the applicable subpart requires visual assessment, the designated party may choose to perform a risk assessment in accordance with § 35.1320. Similarly, if the applicable subpart requires interim controls, a designated party or owner may choose to implement abatement in accordance with § 35.1325.

(b) To the extent that assistance from any of the programs covered by subparts B, C, D, and F through M of this part is used in conjunction with other HUD program assistance, the most protective requirements prevail.

[64 FR 50202, Sept. 15, 1999, as amended at 82 FR 4167, Jan. 13, 2017]