U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 19, 2024

§ 81.44 - Submission of information to the Secretary.

(a) General. Upon request from the Secretary, the GSEs shall submit information and data to the Secretary to assist in investigating whether any mortgage lender with which the GSE does business has failed to comply with the Fair Housing Act or ECOA.

(b) Information requests and submissions—(1) Information requests by the Secretary. The Secretary may require the GSEs to submit information to assist in Fair Housing Act or ECOA investigations of lenders. Under FHEFSSA, other Federal agencies responsible for the enforcement of ECOA must submit requests for information from the GSEs through the Secretary. For matters involving only ECOA, the Secretary will only issue requests for information upon request from the appropriate Federal agency responsible for ECOA.

(2) Information from established data systems. The Secretary may request that a GSE generate information or reports from its data system(s) to assist a Fair Housing Act or ECOA investigation.

(3) GSE replies. A GSE receiving any request(s) for information under this section shall reply in a complete and timely manner with any and all information that it is privy to and collects that is responsive to the request.

(c) Submission to ECOA enforcers. The Secretary shall submit any information received under paragraph (b) of this section concerning compliance with ECOA to appropriate Federal agencies responsible for ECOA enforcement, as provided in section 704 of ECOA.