U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 31, 2023

§ 71.36 - General.

In all proceedings in which a permittee is cited to show cause why the permit should not be suspended, revoked or annulled, the permittee shall be afforded opportunity for the submission and consideration of facts, arguments, offers of settlement, or proposals of adjustment, where time, the nature of the proceeding, and the public interest permit. Such submittals should be made to the appropriate TTB officer, but may be made through the attorney for the Government. Where necessary, the date of the hearing may be postponed, pending consideration of such proposals, when they are made in good faith and not for the purpose of delay. If proposals of settlement are submitted, and they are considered unsatisfactory, the appropriate TTB officer may reject the proposals and may, either directly or through the attorney for the Government, inform the permittee of any conditions on which the alleged violations may be settled. If the proposals of settlement are considered satisfactory to the appropriate TTB officer, the permittee shall be notified thereof and the proceeding shall be dismissed, unless such proposals of settlement include a monetary offer in compromise considered satisfactory to the appropriate TTB officer, in which event the proceeding shall be held in abeyance pending final action on such monetary offer in compromise.

[T.D. ATF-244, 51 FR 45762, Dec. 22, 1986, as amended by T.D. ATF-374, 61 FR 29957, June 13, 1996]