U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 417.2 - Definitions.

(a) Chief, DOE means the Chief of the Division of Enforcement within the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

(b) Adequate procedure shall mean any procedure which affords reasonable and equitable opportunity for (1) trial of an officer(s) charged with serious misconduct, and (2) removal of such an officer(s) if found guilty, and which contains the elements set forth in each of the subparagraphs of this paragraph: Provided, however, That any other procedure which provides otherwise reasonable and equitable measures for removal from office may also be considered adequate:

(1) A reasonable opportunity is afforded for filing charges of serious misconduct against any elected officer(s) without being subject to retaliatory threats, coercion, or acts of intimidation.

(2) The charges of serious misconduct are communicated to the accused officer(s), and reasonable notice is given the members of the organization, reasonably in advance of the time for hearing thereon.

(3) Subject to reasonable restrictions, a fair and open hearing upon such charges is held after adequate notice and adequate opportunity is afforded for testimony or the submission of evidence in support of or in opposition to such charges. Within a reasonable time following such hearing, a decision is reached as to the guilt or innocence of the accused.

(4) If the hearing upon such charges is held before a trial committee or other duly authorized body, reasonable notice of such body's findings is given to the membership of the organization promptly.

(5) If such accused officer(s) is found guilty, he may be removed by a procedure which includes:

(i) A secret ballot vote of the members at an appropriately called meeting, or

(ii) A vote of a trial committee or other duly authorized body, subject to appeal and review by the members voting by a secret ballot at an appropriately called meeting.

(6) Within a reasonable time after the charges of serious misconduct are filed with the labor organization final disposition (including appellate procedures) is made of the charges.

(c) Elected officer means any constitutional officer, any person authorized to perform the functions of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or other executive functions of a labor organization, and any member of its executive board or similar governing body.

(d) Cause shown means substantial evidence of serious misconduct.

(e) Interested person means any person or organization whose interests are or may be affected by a proceeding.

(f) Court means the district court of the United States in the district in which the labor organization in question maintains its principal office.

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