U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 453.2 - Provisions of the statute.

(a) Section 502(a) requires that:

Every officer, agent, shop steward, or other representative or employee of any labor organization (other than a labor organization whose property and annual financial receipts do not exceed $5,000 in value), or of a trust in which a labor organization is interested, who handles funds or other property thereof shall be bonded to provide protection against loss by reason of acts of fraud or dishonesty on his part directly or through connivance with others.

(b) This section sets forth, in the above language and in its further provisions, the minimum requirements regarding the bonding of the specified personnel. There is no provision in the Act which precludes the bonding of such personnel in amounts exceeding those specified in section 502(a). Similarly, the Act contains no provision precluding the bonding of such personnel as are not required to be bonded by this section. Such excess coverage may be in any amount and in any form otherwise lawful and acceptable to the parties to such bonds.

[28 FR 14394, Dec. 27, 1963, as amended at 30 FR 14925, Dec. 2, 1965]