U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 25, 2024

§ 500.60 - Farm labor contractors' recruitment, contractual and general obligations.

The Act imposes certain specific recruitment, contractual and general obligations on farm labor contractors and farm labor contractor employees. The contractor is responsible for any violations under the Act committed by his employee. Each of the following obligations applies to both farm labor contractors and farm labor contractor employees.

(a) Each farm labor contractor shall provide to any other farm labor contractor and to any agricultural employer and agricultural association to which such farm labor contractor has furnished any migrant or seasonal agricultural worker, copies of all records for that place of employment which such farm labor contractor is required to retain for each worker furnished or supplied. The recipient of these records shall keep them for a period of three years.

(b) Each farm labor contractor, without regard to any other provisions of this Act, shall obtain at each place of employment and make available for inspection to every worker he furnishes for employment, a written statement of the conditions of such employment as described in sections 201(b) and 301(b) of the Act and §§ 500.75 and 500.76 of these regulations. As with the written disclosure statements under §§ 500.76 and 500.77, these statements must be provided to the workers in English or, as necessary and reasonable, in Spanish or another language common to migrant or seasonal agricultural workers who are not fluent in English.

(c)(1) No farm labor contractor shall violate, without justification, the terms of any written agreements made with an agricultural employer or an agricultural association pertaining to any contracting activity or worker protection under the Act. Normally, “without justification” would not include situations in which failure to comply with the terms of any written agreements was directly attributable to Acts of God, due to conditions beyond the control of the person or to conditions which he could not reasonably foresee.

(2) Written agreements do not relieve a farm labor contractor of any responsibility that such contractor would otherwise have under the Act and these regulations.

(d) All payroll records made by the farm labor contractor must be retained by him for a period of three years.