U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 500.76 - Disclosure of information.

(a) Where disclosure is required, Department of Labor optional forms may be used to satisfy the requirements of disclosure under the Act.

(b) Each farm labor contractor, agricultural employer and agricultural association, which recruits any seasonal agricultural worker for employment on a farm or ranch to perform field work related to planting, cultivating or harvesting operations, shall ascertain and, upon request, disclose in writing the following information to such worker when an offer of employment is made:

(1) The place of employment (with as much specificity as practical, such as the name and address of the employer or the association);

(2) The wage rates (including piece rates) to be paid;

(3) The crops and kinds of activities on which the worker may be employed;

(4) The period of employment;

(5) The transportation and any other employee benefits to be provided, if any, and any costs to be charged for each of them;

(6) Whether state workers' compensation or state unemployment insurance is provided:

(i) If workers' compensation is provided, the required disclosure must include the name of the workers' compensation insurance carrier, the name(s) of the policyholder(s), the name and telephone number of each person who must be notified of an injury or death, and the time period within which such notice must be given.

(ii) The information requirement in paragraph (b)(6)(i) of this section may satisfied giving the worker a photocopy of any workers' compensation notice required by State law;

(7) The existence of any strike or other concerted work stoppage, slowdown, or interruption of operations by employees at the place of employment; and

(8) The existence of any arrangements with any owner or agent of any establishment in the area of employment under which the farm labor contractor, the agricultural employer, or the agricultural association is to receive a commission or any other benefit resulting from any sales by such establishment to the workers.

(c) Each farm labor contractor, agricultural employer and agricultural association which recruits any seasonal agricultural worker for employment through the use of day-haul operation in canning, packing, ginning, seed conditioning or related research, or processing operations, shall ascertain and disclose in writing to the worker at the time of recruitment the information on employment conditions set out in paragraph (b) of this section.

(d)(1) Each farm labor contractor, agricultural employer and agricultural association which employs any seasonal agricultural worker shall post (and maintain) at the place of employment in a conspicuous place readily accessible to the worker a poster provided by the Secretary of Labor which sets out the rights and protections for such worker required under the Act.

(2) Such employer shall provide, on request of the worker, a written statement of the information described in paragraph (b) of this section.

(e) In a joint employment situation, each employer is equally responsible for displaying and maintaining the poster and for responding to worker requests for written statements of the conditions of employment which are made during the course of employment. This joint responsibility, however, does not require needless duplication, such as would occur if each employer posted the same poster or provided the same written statement with respect to the same employment conditions.

[48 FR 36741, Aug. 12, 1983, as amended at 61 FR 24866, May 16, 1996]