U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 500.104 - Department of Labor standards for passenger automobiles and station wagons and transportation of seventy-five miles or less.

Any farm labor contractor, agricultural employer or agricultural association providing transportation in passenger automobiles and station wagons and other vehicles used only for transportation as provided in § 500.102(a) and (d) shall comply with the following vehicle safety standards:

(a) External lights. Head lights, tail lights, stop lights, back-up lights, turn signals and hazard warning lights shall be operable.

(b) Brakes. Every vehicle shall be equipped with operable brakes for stopping and holding on an incline. Brake systems shall be free of leaks.

(c) Tires. Tires shall have at least

2/32 inch tread depth, and have no cracks/defects in the sidewall.

(d) Steering. The steering wheel and associated mechanism shall be maintained so as to safely and accurately turn the vehicles.

(e) Horn. Vehicles shall have an operable air or electric horn.

(f) Mirrors. Mirrors shall provide the driver full vision of the sides and to the rear of the vehicle.

(g) Windshields/windshield wipers. Windshields and windows may not have cracks or opaque obstructions which obscure vision. Vehicles shall be equipped with windshield wipers that are operational to allow the operator full frontal vision in all weather conditions.

(h) Fuel system. Fuel lines and the fuel tank shall be free of leaks. The tank shall be fitted with a cap to securely cover the filling opening.

(i) Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall discharge carbon monoxide away from the passenger compartment and be free of leaks beneath the passenger compartment.

(j) Ventilation. Windows will be operational to allow fresh air to the occupants of the vehicle.

(k) Safe loading. Vehicles will not be driven when loaded beyond the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating.

(l) Seats. A seat securely fastened to the vehicle will be provided for each occupant or rider in, or on, any vehicle, except that transportation which is primarily on private farm roads will be excused from this requirement provided the total distance traveled does not exceed ten (10) miles, and so long as the trip begins and ends on a farm owned or operated by the same employer.

(m) Handles and latches. Door handles and latches shall be provided and maintained to allow exiting capability for vehicle occupants.

(n) Passenger compartment. Floor and sides of any part of the vehicle to be occupied by passengers must be free of openings, rusted areas or other defects which are likely to result in injury to passengers.