U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 04, 2023

§ 511.17 - Records.

Each industry committee shall keep a journal recording the time and place of all its meetings, the members present, the votes, and other formal proceedings, including the appointment of subcommittees. Subcommittees shall keep a similar journal. No report of committee or subcommittee discussions need be included. All hearings shall be recorded. The record of any hearing before any subcommittee shall be transcribed. All hearings before a committee shall also be transcribed in whole or in part whenever the Administrator so directs upon his or her own motion or upon the motion of any party or any person compelled to submit data or evidence and upon the payment of costs prescribed by the Administrator. Promptly after completion of the committee's final report, the committee chairperson shall certify the report and transmit it to the Administrator. As soon as practicable thereafter, the committee staff shall transmit to the Administrator:

(a) All committee and subcommittee journals;

(b) All applications for leave to participate as parties together with the record of action thereon; and,

(c) The record, including any transcript of the testimony and exhibits, together with all papers and requests filed in the proceedings.

These documents shall be available for inspections and copying by interested persons at the Office of the Administrator during usual business hours. [55 FR 53300, Dec. 28, 1990]