U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 511.8 - Prehearing statements.

(a) Every employer, employee, trade association, trade union, or group of employers, employees, associations, or unions in the industry as defined, or in such industry elsewhere in the United States, and every other person who, in the judgment of the committee has an interest sufficient to justify the participation proposed by such party, shall be considered an interested person. No member of the committee may participate as an interested person.

(b) Any interested person who wishes to participate on his or her own behalf or by counsel shall file a written prehearing statement within such period of time as may be prescribed in a notice of hearing, or other notice published in the Federal Register. The number of copies of such statements and the time and places for filing them will be specified in notices of hearings. The prehearing statement shall describe the person's interest in the proceeding and shall contain:

(1) The prepared statement he or she proposes to give, if any;

(2) A statement of the individual classifications and minimum wage rates, if any, he or she proposes to support;

(3) The written data he or she proposes to introduce in evidence, including all tangible objective data to be submitted pursuant to § 511.13;

(4) The names and addresses of the witnesses he or she proposes to call and a summary of the evidence he or she proposes to develop;

(5) The name and address of the individual who will present his or her case; and

(6) A statement of the approximate length of time his or her case will take.

If the prehearing statement is in conformity with the above requirements, the person shall have the right to participate as a party. In accordance with section 6(c) of the Administrative Procedure Act, the industry committee shall, after considering the advice of committee counsel, issue subpoenas, authorized by section 9 of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, to parties who make a request therefor accompanied by a clear showing of general relevance and reasonable scope of the evidence sought.

(c) Prehearing statements of parties shall be made available for examination at the offices where they are filed. Each person who files a prehearing statement should, if requested, make himself or herself available for conference with the committee staff to make any needed clarification of his or her prehearing statement, and arrange details of presenting his or her testimony or case.

(d) In exceptional circumstances a person who has not filed the prehearing statement required by this section and who does not appear on a witness list filed by a party may nevertheless be permitted, in the discretion of the committee, to offer testimony.

[25 FR 14024, Dec. 31, 1960, as amended at 55 FR 53298, Dec. 28, 1990]