U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 519.9 - Reconsideration and review.

(a) Within 15 days after being informed of a denial of an application for a full-time student certificate or within 45 days after Federal Register publication of a statement of the terms of the certificate granted (subsequent to April 30, 1976, within 60 days after a certificate is granted), any person aggrieved by the action of an authorized officer in denying or granting a certificate may:

(1) File a written request for reconsideration thereof by the authorized officer who made the decision in the first instance, or

(2) File with the Administrator a written request for review.

(b) A request for reconsideration shall be accompanied by a statement of the additional evidence which the applicant believes may materially affect the decision and a showing that there were reasonable grounds for failure to present such evidence in the original proceedings.

(c) Any person aggrieved by the reconsideration determination of an authorized officer may, within 15 days after such determination, file with the Administrator a written request for review.

(d) A request for review shall be granted where reasonable grounds for the review are set forth in the request.

(e) If a request for reconsideration or review is granted, the authorized officer or the Administrator may, to the extent he/she deems it appropriate, afford other interested persons an opportunity to present data, views, or argument.

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